Paris Hilton Wallpapers

Daughter of magnate Rick Hilton, who runs the Hilton hotel chain, Paris enjoyed a golden youth, beginning a modelling career and frequenting the high places of the American jet set. Always in search of fame, she is illustrated in the three seasons of the series The Simple Life, where a sympathetic and naive heiress of LA and her best friend ( Nicole Richie ) give up a life of luxury to rub shoulders with the harsh reality of daily. This comedic reality TV show enjoys a record audience on the Fox Network.

Also dreaming of a career as an actress, the young woman famous for her escapades must first be satisfied with a handful of anecdotal appearances in Zoolander(2001), Wonderland (2004), The Hat in the Hat (id.) And Fashion Maman (id.), Before obtaining in 2005 a role of greater importance with the horror film The House of Wax.

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