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Chris Pratt Wallpapers download hdwalle. His full name is Christopher Michael Pratt. Chris is an American film actor. He was born on 21st June in the year 1979, Virginia, United States. 

He acted in various popular movies like Guardians of the Galaxy, Avenger Infinity War and more. Recently he married Katherine Schwarzenegger.
Chris Pratt spent his childhood in Lake Stevens, Washington. He is spotted while working as a waiter in a restaurant. The actress / director Rae Down Chong then offered him a role in his horror film Cursed Part 3 in 2000.

His first steps as an actor opened the doors of television to him. After the series The Associates in 2001, he landed two years later one of the first roles of Everwood created by Greg Berlanti alongside Treat Williams,  Gregory Smith and Emily VanCamp. Chris plays the latter's brother, Harold Brighton "Bright" Abbott. The series has been successful over four seasons and helps promote Chris Pratt to the world.

After the cancellation of Everwood, the comedian continues on television with a recurring role in the final season of  Newport Beach. From then on, the big screen makes the eyes soft to this guy of 1.88 m. He turns back to back in several films, notably in popular comedies such as Sausages at All Costs, Best Enemies or Hot Babes. The actor also makes a foray into the action film by fighting with James McAvoy and Angelina Jolie in Wanted: choose your destiny. In 2009, Chris fell under the demonic spell of the sublime Megan Fox in Jennifer's Body.

His career took off again thanks to the role of the endearing and awkward Andy Dwyer in the sitcom Parks And Recreation.  A spin-off of The Office, which he played from 2009 to 2015. He did not forget the cinema: if he continues to illustrate himself in the comic register ( (S) ex List, Five years of Reflection ), He reveals other facets of his game as in  The Strategist where he is a baseball player coached by Brad Pitt and Zero Dark Thirty in which he is a soldier who tracks down Osama bin Laden, head of the Al-Qaeda terrorist network.

After taking part in the sketchy film  My Movie Project and the romance of SF Her, Chris Pratt becomes a leading actor by slipping into the shoes of the superhero Star-Lord in the Marvel blockbuster  Guardians of the Galaxy. It is therefore in great demand by the studios and continues the following year with the main role of the expected  Jurassic World and its sequel three years later, Fallen Kingdom. Meanwhile, he and  Jennifer Lawrence are accidentally woken up from their artificial sleep aboard a spaceship in  Passengers (2016). He also tried his hand at western with The Seven Mercenaries, inspired by a classic from the 60s and the Seven Samurai. 2017 and 2018 are under the sign of the blockbuster for the comedian: in addition to the Jurassic World franchise, he is reprising his role as Star-Lord in  Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and Avengers: Infinity War.

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